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5 Essential Herbs/Spices uses

Hey I hope you all doing well , when it comes to magick and healing we have so many herbs laying around in our kitchen cabinets which we use in our daily lives while unable to understand their truly magical properties , Today I am going to tell you 5 most essential and easily available herbs in our kitchen & uses of them.

  1. Cinnamon : It is something which is easily available and most loved herb because of its aroma in so many variety of items we eat & drink. Its Planet is Mercury & element is Air/fire, you can use this herb in healing and magick work related to Clairvoyance, consecration, good luck, happiness, harmony, money & prosperity.
  2. Cloves : I am sure you all have experienced the taste of clove is herbs if you mainly belongs to India as this spice is something which we use in our cooking often and its planet is Sun, element - fire, and this can be used in work related to divination, exorcism,love, money, memory,protection & psychic protection.
  3. Mustard seed : This herb is again very popular and have special place in our kitchen and we use it almost daily in cooking, planet - mars and element - fire and you can use it in work related to fertility, health, love, passion, cursing, commanding and spell breaking.
  4. Garlic - Don't even let me begin telling the properties and goodness of this particular herb , garlic is used since ages in cooking like any other herb but garlic alone can spice up anything you cook. Garlic belong to planet Mars and it has element fire of course, garlic can be used in work related clairvoyance, commanding, strength, exorcism, spell breaking, protection, healing,longevity.
  5. Pepper : Lets consider the fact we can not spice up anything without this spice, Planet - Mars and element is fire and this can be used in work related to cursing , exorcism, passion, protection,commanding, sensuality, stop envy lore and other magical uses.

 Pallavi Srivastav