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Candle Color Correspondence for Spell Breaking

If you are familiar with the term Magick then you must have heard or read about color magick. Yes colors matter in the magick too and it helps to direct your energy and intention in to the particular type of spell and magick you are performing. Everyone has different set of rules when working on spell but the key is visualization. Color Help us to concentrate on that particular type of outcome we desire , It is always good to give some sort of body to your spell at least this is how I think and by giving body I meant to give some sort of physical form and in that case it is necessary if we work on certain sort of magick that needs certain sort of body and color correspondence. Anyways lets begin with the color prominence that can be used in spell breaking:

  • White - Breaks all kind of spells in general, can be used in reversing or uncrossing and very helpful in lifting jinxes.
  • Orange - Breaks spell which are causing troubles in friendship and in workplace.
  • Yellow - Breaks spells which are affecting you in recognizing your self worth, constant comparison to others & feeling of being inferior.
  • Green - Breaks spells which limits your financial growth and spell which causes you sickness and illness.
  • Pink - Breaks spells of negativity in general also helps in dispelling the feeling of being not special.
  • Black - Breaks spells  any spell but especially which are dark in nature and it is also good when working on reversing spell.

Pallavi Srivastav