Cleanse your Crystal

Cleanse your Crystal

Cleaning and consecrating the crystal is utmost important step and so here I am with the details about it,

There are five elements by which we need to cleanse, consecrate and charge our crystals, so if you are looking the way to cleanse your any crystals this is how you are suppose to do it,

Full moon is perfect to charge and infuse the moon energy in to crystals although any moon phase would do but still full moons are the prime days to charge the crystals.

First take some sea salt in any glass bowl and fill it with water and then put the crystals inside the bowl and leave it under moon , now leaving under moon does not mean to actually go out although you can do it if you have access to such spaces but if not then you can just put the bowl out in your gallery / balcony to absorb the energy of moon.

Second day before sunlight take all the crystals out of the water, you may want to cleanse yourself too by taking salt water bath now comes the part where you want to lit any incense of your choice and move through the smoke following the same process with the fire by lilting the candle/earthen diya ,  

This was the process of cleansing the crystals and now comes the part where we want it to charge or energise, Hold the crystals in your hand and close your eyes take few deep breathe and now visualise the white light covering you and surrounding you, visualise the white light coming through your third eye flowing in to your hand and then infusing the same white light in to the crystals.

Hold the process for 2-3 minutes talk to your crystals about what you want them to do for you, what help you need from them, feel their vibrations and once you feel the heaviness and tiredness on your eye lid you are done charging it.

Now once it is charge and when you wear you want to take care of it don't let anybody touch your crystal as that will easing catch their vibrations be it positive or negative and that will latch to you

I Hope I have explained well

Blessed Be

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