How Ritual Candles aka Intention Candles Work?

How Ritual Candles aka Intention Candles Work?

Ritual Candles or Intention Candles, Majority of you people must be wondering what this product is or how it can be used exactly, I have been asked many times about it from so many of you guys individualy and I have explained it as well to each one of you as best I could have but now I thought I will make this blog post so each one of you can have the idea about how things work around these Intention or Ritual Candles, both are same just different name .

What is Ritual or Intention Candle and How they have got certain names?

Ritual Candles are pretty much like your instant food mixture basically for very basic spells, Those who only practice lighter form of magick may have no idea about how intense or deep magick is but let keep that part aside for now, So yes this ready to use mixture of herbs, oils, or in some cases colour and crystals are nothing more but a very essentials of any particular basic spell.

That is totally debatable topic that you might not need any herbs, oils or crystal to work your magick again that's true because we all carry magick inside of us it's just we have forgotten in this mundane world. Magick comes from one's heart and it is your heart itself decide that what kind of magick it is by putting the very energy of it in to a specific spellwork, but again that doesn't means that herbs, oils, crystals are of no use at all, They simply amplify your magick and thus we use it, becasue majority of us don't yeild that amount of power and energy for now atleast and that is why it is okay to incorporate the herbs , roots and crystals in it in order to get desired results. A side note - that yes plants and crystals are very much alive and so their energy is remember that.

About Names?

So we already have basic spells that are used commonly worldwide for certain outcomes and that is why they already have certain names because people generally like to address it like that. Now the blends that you see on this store is carefully made by me by keeping their metaphysical properties in mind for certain outcomes but I do have also used that already so know that these are the practical blends which i would have used in my spell work in past.

Again not everyone but couple of people came to me obviously online I meant and said that the candle isn't doing anything that it claimed now this is the very obvious and common question to ask and that is totally fine because by the time you asked me this paticular question I already know that you have no clue about how magick works so I don't blame you. P.S " Sorry if that sounds rude but that's true too" Please keep on reading to understand what I am about to say.

So there can be many reasons that your spell work might have not work, for starters you might have not put enough energy, you might be asking for too much and not be genuine or resonable , you might have blockages from your certain karmas and your doings actually which is something that needs to be balanced first or in some cases you just simply has to endure that to bring in the balance. You have no idea how universe think so don't think the way that universe is your servant and going to grant you whatever you ask for. The balance is always meant to be maintained and last but not least you must be thinking that this is some hocus pocus or practical magick (Movie) kind of thing that by just lighting a candle your all things will be sorted out and if you have been thinking that way in any case then let me just quickly clear the clouds here that "NO" it doesn't work like that. Patience and one hundered percent belief in your working is the key. 

There are Ritual or Intention candles that you may find under candle category and know you will be provied with the basic briefing of the instruction with candle that you might by purchasing but still if you got any confusion or queries you can bring it on, on my Instagram DM or on the email and I will be always here to help.


Note -  I wil cover the topic of how to prepare your mind and how to decide if you really want to perform any specific spell work in my forthcoming blog posts, Also I would like to know your thoughts as well if you have any specific topic you want me to bring on and talk about. I will love to do that until then Merry Meet & merry part again.

Blessed Be

Pallavi Srivastav

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