How to Cleanse your Space?

How to Cleanse your Space?

I have been asked many times that how one should perform the cleansing ritual for their space and surroundings. Although everyone has their way of doing it but I am going to share what I do for cleansing my space. I want to mention one thing that whenever one is going through tough time by being in depression and constant feeling of sadness, regret, frustration took over, It is that time when the energies begins to build up in the air of our surrounding or can say that where we most spend our time being vulnerable and that's when you want to consider the idea of cleansing (spiritual cleansing) your space although you can perform this cleansing ritual weekly or whenever you simply feel requirement of doing it. After all there is no harm in doing some cleansing ritual. Okay then lets begin

You will need following things for performing this cleansing ritual:

  • Sea Salt
  • 4 Bowl
  • Candle
  • Sage
  • Water

Now begin with filling all four bowl with sea salt and start placing those bowls in the four corner of the room in which you have spent your most vulnerable times although you can do this in any of your room you want.

Also fill one other bowl with some sea salt and water, Dip your index finger and start visualizing the ordinary water turning in to the magical  golden water for better visualization close your eyes when doing it and speak in your mind eye the same. Once done sprinkle the salt water around the space and on the mirror of your room too by saying these words " I consecrate this space with the power of Earth & water.

Now lit some incense (Sage) and speak the in above manner similarly with the power of air.

Now lit the candle and speak in above manner similarly with the power of sacred fire.

Visualize the whole white light taking over the walls of your room casting all the dark and evil energies out.

Close the ritual expressing the gratitude to universe for helping you in every way.

Note : Discard the sea salt from the bowl after 24 hours at the cross roads.

 Pallavi Srivastav

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