Protection Bottle aka Witch Bottle

Protection Bottle aka Witch Bottle

When it comes to protection of oneself the first thing comes in my mind is making Protection Bootle aka Witch Bottle. This has been popular since ages among witches and those who practice any form of magick.

Witch bottle has been used as a tool of protection, It is believed that it protect the person who made it from psychic and magical attacks basically it work as countermagical device, They keep away the evil spirits and negative energies also it has ability to trap harmful energies and intention sent to the owner of the bottle.

This one is my personal favourite and obviously I have created couple of them over few years for myself and for my loved ones and I really swear by this.

Below are the items you will need in the making of bottle


  • Bottle
  • Black Candle
  • Your Belonging , Like Hair or Nail
  • Water or Urine , whatever you are comfortable with
  • Salt
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Rusted Nails
  • Broken Glasses little pieces
  • Little mirror pieces

Nine Following Herbs/Roots


  • Sage
  • Bayleaves
  • Clove
  • Garlic
  • Rosemary
  • Cinnamon
  • Devil Claw
  • Thyme
  • Valerian


Begin doing this ritual on Dark Moon also known as new Moon , Cleanse your space and take your cleansing bath as well , Lay your all spell items where you will be performing the spell , Chose a place where you will be undisturbed , If you performing in room, keep the windows open at least.
once you have Cleansed the Space with all five elements , Cast your magical Circle and Ground yourself , Invoke whatever energies you believe in , Take some time to connect with it and when you are done doing so you shall begin making the bottle now ,
Carve your name and Dob on the Candle and Light the Candle, Now I hope you have cleanse all the ingredients as well before performing the spell if not make sure your ingredients are cleansed by at least sacred smoke that represents Air Element , Now with deep intent begin putting all the ingredients in to the jar , Talk to each of your ingredients , take them as they are very much alive and feel their vibrations , Once you are done putting it , Put your Both hand on the opening of bottle by covering it with your both hand like making a fish shape , Now direct your energy in to the Bottle by saying in your easy words I am just writing here something similar which you can pick , I Charge you Oh Bottle of Protection , Shall No Harm come to me ever and if it did it shall get back to the sender immediately , You are my Protection Charm Now , You Protects Me now and I am safe Now”
So something similar you can say while putting or directing your energy in to the bottle once done immediately put the cap or cork on the bottle , I would personally suggest metal cap for the bottle. Then take your candle and start sealing the cap with the bottle once you feel satisfied doing it, You can sit there and meditate on the bottle by visualizing this big ball on white light around you and this white light getting infused in to your body and mind and it is shining so vibrant that there is no light in room but you who is shining the brightest. Once you feel exhaust, You can close the ritual and open the circle. Now you can bury it in your front yard if you have one or if you stay in apartment you can get yourself a plant in which you can bury this bottle and keep in your balcony just keep it outside your home. Make sure nobody else touch that plant except you

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