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Protection Herbs & Resins you need to Know

For Very good reason I mentioned Belladona first so you can remember it and not misuse it, It's poisonous and can cause great damage or perhaps death. Rest of the herbs and resin that I have mentioned in this post are associated with protection. Remember them to incorporate them in your protection energy or spell work, know that the herbs and roots have their own place in craft and having them included in your workings will only enhance the results because
of their magical properties. I have listed few of them which I personally use in my workings and thought to share the same with you guys, You may Incorporate them in your candle spell, jar spell, puppet magick, incense making and the possiblities for it go on.
If you using it in jar spell the whole of them will do but f you using them in candle magick or incense making then please grind it in rough powder
(Atropa   belladonna)       PoisonFolk Names: Banewort, Black Cherry, Deadly Nightshade, Death's Herb, Devil's Cherries, Divale, Dwale, Dwaleberry,  Dwayberry, Fair Lady, Great Morel, Naughty Man's Cherries, Sorcerer's Berry, Witch's BerryGender: Feminine Planet: Saturn Element: Water
Deities: Hecate, Bellona, Circe
Ritual Uses: The priests of Bellona, according to ancient tradition, drank an  infusion of belladonna prior to worshipping Her and invoking Her aid. Bellona is the Roman Goddess of war.
Magical Uses: Today belladonna is little-used in herb magic due to its high toxicity—all parts of the plant are extremely poisonous and there are still reports of death resulting from accidental ingestion of nightshade.
In the past it was used to encourage astral protection and to produce visions, but safer alternatives are available today and belladonna is best avoided.
(Sanguinaria canadensis) Poison P V
Folk Names: King Root, Red Root, Tetterwort
Gender: Masculine Planet: Mars Element: Fire
Powers: Love, Protection, Purification
Magical Uses: The root is  carried or worn to draw love. It is also carried to avert evil spells and negativity. Place near doorways and windowsills so the home will be pro• tected. The darkest red roots are considered to be the best, and are known as "king roots," or "he roots."
(Acorus calamus) Poison: Several plants are sold under the name of Calamus and two of those are very dangerous  to  take  internally, so we must recommend not using calamus internally.
Folk Names: Gladdon, Myrtle Flag, Myrtle Grass, Myrtle Sedge, Sweet Cane, Sweet Flag, Sweet Grass, Sweet Root, Sweet Rush, Sweet Sedge, Lubigan
Gender: Feminine Planet: Moon Element: Water
Powers: Luck, Healing, Money, Protection
Magical Uses: The seeds are strung as beads and used for healing, or the powdered  root is used in healing incenses and sachets.
Small pieces of the root kept in all corners of the kitchen protect against hunger and poverty.
Growing the plant brings good luck to the gardener, and calamus is also used to strengthen and bind spells.
(Cedrus libani or C. spp.) Leaf, berry: P Gender: Masculine
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Powers: Healing, Purification, Money, Protection
Magical Uses: The smoke of the cedar is purifying, and also  cures  the  predeliction to having bad dreams. Twigs of the  cedar are burned and smouldered, or made into incense. To heal head colds, they are placed upon the hot rocks in sweat baths for puri• fication by some American Indians.
Cedar hung in the home protects it against lightning strikes. A cedar stick carved into three prongs is placed  prongs up into the ground near the home to protect it against all evil. A piece of cedar kept in the wallet or purse draws money, and cedar is used in money incenses. Cedar is added to love sachets and is burned to induce psychic powers.
(Note: Juniperus verginiana is often used in place of cedar.)
(Cinnamomum zeylanicum, verum) 
Folk Names: Sweet Wood, Ceylon cinnamon
Gender: Masculine Planet: Sun Element: Fire
Deities: Venus, Aphrodite
Powers: Spirituality, Success, Healing, Power, Psychic Powers, Lust, Protection, Love
Ritual Uses: Cinnamon oil was used as part of a holy anointing oil by the ancient Hebrews. The leaves of the cinnamon tree were woven into wreaths which were used to decorate ancient Roman temples. The Egyptians used cinnamon oil during the mummification process
Magical Uses: Cinnamon, when burned as an incense, raises high spiritual vibrations, aids in healing, draws money, stimulates psychic powers and produces protective vibrations. Cinnamon is also used  in making sachets and infusions for these purposes.
(Eugenia   carophyllus,       Syzygium      aromati- cum or Caryophyllus aromaticus) G
Folk Names: Mykhet, Carenfil
Gender: Masculine Planet: Jupiter Element: Fire
Powers: Protection, Exorcism, Love, Money
Magical Uses: Burned as an incense, cloves attract riches, drive away hostile and nega• tive forces, produce  spiritual vibrations, and purify the area.
Cloves are burned as an incense to stop others from gossiping about you.
Worn or carried, cloves attract the opposite sex and bring comfort to the bereaved.
(Daemonorops draco, D. propinquos) G
Folk Names: Blood, Blume, Calamus Draco, Draconis Resina, Sanguis Draconis,
Dragon's Blood Palm Gender: Masculine Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Powers: Love, Protection, Exorcism, Potency Magical Uses: This resin from a palm tree is burned to entice errant lovers to return.
This is usually done by women seated near an  open window,  looking outside, at  night.
A stick of dragon's blood placed under the  pillow or  mattress will  cure impotency.
The dried resin is a powerful protectant when carried, sprinkled around the house, or smouldered as incense. It will also drive evil and negativity away when burned.
A pinch of dragon's blood added  to other incenses increases their potency and power.
To quiet a noisy house, powder some dragon's blood, mix it with sugar and salt, and place in a bottle. Cover this tightly and secure it somewhere  in  your  house  where it won't be found. You'll have peace and quiet.
(Boswellia   carterii)      
Folk Names: Incense, Olibans, Olibanum, Olibanus
Gender: Masculine Planet: Sun Element: Fire Deities: Ra, Baal
Powers: Protection, Exorcism, Spirituality
Ritual Uses: The ancient Egyptians burned frankincense at sunrise to honor Ra. To this day it is included in the composition of some of the incenses used in Catholic churches.
Magical Uses: When burned, frankincense releases powerful vibrations  which  not only uplift those of the area, but also drive out all evil and negativity. Frankincense
is therefore used in incenses of exorcism, protection, purification and consecration. It is also burned to induce visions and to aid meditation, and  is  added  to  sachets for luck, protection and spiritual growth. Rosemary may be used as a substitute for frankincense.
(Alpina officinalum or A. galanga) G
Folk Names: Chewing John, China Root, Colic Root, East India Catarrh Root, Galingal, Galingale, Gargaut, India Root, Kaempferia Galanga, Low John the Conqueror, Rhizoma Galangae
Gender: Masculine Planet: Mars Element: Fire
Powers: Protection, Lust, Health, Money, Psychic Powers, Hex-Breaking
Magical Uses: Galangal has been used for many different magical needs. Worn or carried it protects its  bearer  and  draws good luck. Placed in a  sachet  of leather with silver it brings money. Powdered galangal is burned to break spells and curs• es. It is also carried or sprinkled around
the home to promote lust.
Worn, galangal aids psychic develop• ment and guards the bearers health.
(Hyssopus  officinalis)      
Folk Names: Hyssop Herb, Isopo, Ysopo, Yssop
Gender: Masculine Planet: Jupiter Element: Fire
Powers: Purification, Protection
Magical Uses: Hyssop is the most widely used purification herb in magic. It is added  to baths in sachets, infused and sprinkled on objects or persons to cleanse them, and hung up in the home to purge it of evil and negativity.
(Angelica archangelica) 
Folk Names: Archangel, Masterwort, Garden Angelica
Gender: Masculine Planet: Sun Element: Fire Deity: Venus
Powers: Exorcism, Protection, Healing,
Magical Uses: Grown, the plant is protec• tive. Use in all protection and exorcism incenses. Sprinkle the four corners of the house with angelica to ward off evil, or do this around the perimeter of the house.
Added to the bath, angelica removes  curs• es, hexes, and any spells that may have been cast against you. The root was  carried  in the pocket as a gambling talisman among some American Indian tribes. Angelica is also used in healing incenses and mixtures, and smoking the leaves is said to cause visions.
(Valeriana officinalis) We must urge against driving while under the effects of Valerian taken internally.Folk Names: All-Heal, Amantilla, Bloody Butcher, Capons Trailer, Cat's Valerian, English Valerian, Fragrant Valerian, Garden Heliotrope, Phu, Red Valerian, St. George's Herb, Sete Wale, Set Well, Vandal Root
Gender: Feminine Planet: Venus Element: WaterPowers: Love, Sleep, Purification, Protection
Magical Uses: The rather ill-smelling root, powdered, is used in  protective sachets, hung in the home to guard it against light• ning, and placed in pillows to aid in falling asleep. A sprig of the plant pinned to a woman's clothing will cause men to "fol• low her like children." Valerian root is also added to love sachets. If a couple is quar• reling introduce some of this herb into the area and all will soon be calm.The Greeks hung a sprig of valerian under a window to charm away evil.
Valerian root, powdered, is sometimes used as "graveyard dust
Source - Encyclopedia of magical herbs by Scott cunnigham