Spiritual Bath Ritual

Spiritual Bath Ritual

Spiritual Bath or Cleansing Bath Ritual is something we use to do or perform before any ritual or Spell. There are many who don’t really feel to follow but believe me it helps to keep you calm, centered & focused.

Light a white candle or any candle in the bathroom instead of the normal electric lights, You can light as many candles you want to according to your need of light. Begin mixing some sea salt in to bucket full of water, swirl in to the water with your index finger of your dominating hand by visualizing the water turning white and glittered. Feel every ounce of it , you can also add your favorite essential oil in to it if you want.

Once it is done begin pouring the water over your head and visualize the water draining down as a dark liquid . consider your negative emotions and negativity draining down . Feel the same that the water cleansing you inside and outside and you are done


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