Wish Jar

Wish Jar

This is one of those spell where you will be putting your energy daily or often whatever suits you. This particular spell will keep advancing with your thought and your wishes although it’s moreover like something where you will be concentrating and directing your energy daily to get the desired outcome. I love the way we can change the contents of this spell throughout the spell process anyways enough about overview let’s begin and learn how we can make our very own signature wish jar spell.


  •  Glass Jar
  • Pictures cutting of whatever you wish to have, It can be the store you wanted to own from to going on that simple holiday destination, You can use the cutting from magazines or newspaper or just can take color printout, I say color Because that’s how you give life to your dreams otherwise it’s just black and white images right.
  • A white Taper Candle
  •  2 Spoon Sugar
  • 1 Spoon Coffee
  •  Cinnamon Oil/ Olive Oil
  •  Nail to carve

Now Start with carving the candle with your birth date and name further anoint the candle with any one of the oil mentioned above now rub some coffee over the candle.

Light the candle and start putting the ingredients in jar now, Once you are done doing that Close the lid of the jar and put the candle above it or beside it ( Make sure the lid is fire proof ) Meditate and visualize everything you wanted coming your way, Feel the happiness of having it and voila your spell is done, Let the candle sit for few minutes while you visualize and later snuff the candles

You can keep adding wishes/pictures in the jar and just do some visualization as that is the key.

Pallavi Srivastav

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