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Crescent Ceramic Trinket Dish

Crescent Ceramic Trinket Dish

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Crescent Ceramic Trinket Dish with Gold Detailing

Handmade ceramic ware moon shaped dish/ tray made out of earthen clay. This piece is hand made. Could be used for jewelry or organization or just as cute decor! These are made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly ceramic materials, thus making it durable and anti-aging.

 Process :

The pieces are completely handmade , starting from wedging the clay, sculpting, drying, sanding, water scrubbing, glazing and firing it twice in the kiln at the sustainable temperatures of the ceramic clay bodies.

Care instructions

Since every bowl is painted by hand, no piece is the same and therefore always special. Please note that they are not dishwasher / microwave safe and should be cleaned with a mild spirit & soft cloth. Not to be used for food and water.

  • Quantity - Listing is for 1 unit
  • Size - 7  X 2.5 Inches approx
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