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I am Abundant

I am Abundant

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I am Abundant

  • Wax Type - Soy Wax
  • Wax Weight - 150 Gm
  • Burning Hours - 30 Plus Hours
  • Container Type - Frosted Glass Jar
  • Fragrance - Lime
  • Crystal - Green Aventurine is associated with good luck, opportunity & Success

How to use Affirmation Candles?

  • Light the Candle with the Intention of being Abundant and do recite the affirmation as many time you can, you may light the candle whenever you want and wherever you want like your home and office space.
  • Once Candle is finished you can re-use the crystal by cleaning it and can carry it in your bag and purse

Note - The Affirmation candles work with positive mind set towards particular intention

Do's & Don't

  • Always trim the wick before lighting the Candle
  • Burn within sight
  • Never burn candle completely
  • Always let the surface wax melt completely in first burn
  • Don't touch the Candle Jar with bare hands while it's still burning
  • Don't Blow your Candle instead snuff your Candle with Candle Snuffer and pull the wick slight upwards after doing that.
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