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Benzoin - 50 Gm

Benzoin - 50 Gm

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In different magical and esoteric traditions of the world, Benzoin is used during shamanic journeying for the protection of the spirit from harmful entities or energies that could attack or latch on to the traveler in the spirit realms. In an esoteric and energetic sense, Benzoin is used for purifying purposes in many traditions including Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam, to name a few. During long, extended Wicca rituals and other ceremonies of certain Magical traditions, this incense is burned to keep mental focus sharp while heightening awareness and helping one to connect more deeply to the divine. In ancient times, Benzoin resin was often burned during the harvesting of frankincense resin as the frankincense trees were said to be guarded by poisonous flying snakes. The smoke of storax was said to kept the harvesters safe while driving the snakes away.

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