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Dried Dandelian Leaf - 30 Gm

Dried Dandelian Leaf - 30 Gm

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Folk Names: Blowball, Cankerwort, Lion's Tooth, Piss-a-Bed, Priest's Crown, Puffball, Swine Snout, White Endive, Wild Endive

Gender: Masculine Planet: Jupiter Element: Air Deity: Hecate

Powers: Divination, Wishes, Calling Spirits

Magical Uses: To find out how long you will live, blow the seeds off the head of a dandelion. You will live as many years as there are seeds left on the head.

To tell the time: blow three times at the seed head. The number left is the hour.

The root, when dried, roasted,  and ground like coffee, is used to make a  tea. This infusion will promote psychic powers. This same tea, steaming and placed beside the bed, will call spirits.

To send a message to  a  loved one, blow at the seed head in his or her direction and visualize your message.

Dandelion, buried in the northwest cor• ner of the house, brings favorable winds

Source - Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs


These Herbs are sold under or for entertainment and curious metaphysical properties of theirs, We do not claim any safe consumption of it, The Magickal, metaphysical and spiritual properties are derived from their respective traditional way of use in mythology as alternative spiritual practices. All Herbs are solely sold for their metaphysical and spiritual properties as a matter of interest in same

* Strictly do not consume

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