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Goddess Laxmi Candle - 150 Gm Soy Wax

Goddess Laxmi Candle - 150 Gm Soy Wax

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Goddess Laxmi Candle Gold finish - 150 Gm Soy Wax 

Wax Type - Soy Wax

Weight - 150 Gm

Burning hours - 48 Hours

Goddess Laxmi andle is made for honouring Goddess Laxmi , This Candle make great Offering to Her. We are already worshipping and honouring her traditionally since ages. 

We Seek Blessings of her by Honouring her the night of Diwali and that is the reason I created this beautuiful Laxmi Goddess Candle that is infused with beautiful fragrance, flower petals, glitter, gomtichakra, clear quarz and other herb that may please her.

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