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Grounding & Protection Cauldron Candle - 200 Gm

Grounding & Protection Cauldron Candle - 200 Gm

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Grounding & Protection Cauldron Candle - 200 Gm

Wax Type - Soy

Weight - 200 Gm 

Colour - Red 

Candle Type - Cauldron

Crystals - Red Jasper & Hematite

Fragrance - Sandalwood

How you feel when the root chakra is blocked?

Deficiency in Root chakra or the blockage in Root Chakra can cause Low Self esteem, Self Pity, Fear, emotionally detached, low energy, lack of motovation, overthinking, depresion, anger etc

How to use the Candle to clear the Blockages in Root Chakra and Protection 

Candle is Beautifully made by keeping all spiritual and important aspect of Root Chakra in mind. You can use the candle whenever you want. The Candle is used with the intention of clearing the blockages.

You want to write a petition (My Root Chakra/Muladhara is now Healed and I am Protected) a little paper that has no line in it, Place the paper below the candle and then Keep the candle wherever you want to keep it like your Sacred Space, your office, your bedroom etc. Light the Candle and Meditate with it everyday untill the candle finishes. Below is the Meditation technique

Meditation technique

Sit in the comfortable position and relax your muscle, Do Inhale and exhale for 5-10 times and imagine yourself surrounded with white light that is the protection you are creating for yourself, It will help you in keep you feel grouded and protected now since the Root chakra is assumed in red colour you may now slowly move your focus on root cjhakra that is located right under your tailbone, visualise the red light glowing in the particular ares and see the light expanding in the surrounding area making you feel warm in the particular area. Feel the tingling and keep doing it for a while.

Once the Candle is finished you can now remove the crystals from it and cleanse them and you can have a brand new cauldron in you witchy tools collection.

Refer the following link for the cleansing ritual for crystals.

Once it is cleansed and charged keep it with you ad do meditate with it whenever you want. 

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