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Juniper berry - 1 Oz

Juniper berry - 1 Oz

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Juniper Berries (Juniperus communes) are used to attract new love, to improve sex, for health and protection.


Juniper Berries are used for protection against evil forces or people, for sexual love magic and for healing spiritually-caused sickness.  

Some ideas for magical uses:

String seven Juniper Berries on a thread and hang above your doors to keep away negativity from your home or space. You can also wear a necklace of seven Juniper Berries for personal protection.  

Add 13 Juniper Berries to whisky or wine and strain to make a lust potion and share it with your lover. 

Place a handful of Juniper Berries in your bath water along with Rose Petals and Cubeb Berries. After bathing, take the berries and petals along with some of bath water and sprinkle in front of your home to invite love to your door. 

Burn ground Juniper Berries with Agrimony, Rue, and Dragon’s Blood on a charcoal and carry from room to room to protect your home.

Add seven Juniper Berries to a red flannel mojo bag with Licorice, and Quassia to attract a sexy affair where you are in control.

Place a circle of Juniper Berries around a red skull candle dressed in Fire of Love oil to get someone thinking about you in a sexual way.

Juniper Berry: Juniper reduces water retention, increases the flow of urine, flushes poison and waste from the body and washes out the urinary tract, so use for Cystitis and other urinary infections. Use only for short periods.

Probably one of the earliest incenses used by Mediterranean Witches. Its berries were used with thyme in Druid and grove incenses for visions. Juniper grown by the door discourages thieves.

JUNIPER BERRIES are believed to foster Good Luck in Sexual Relations. Some of our male customers tell us that they steep the contents of a packet of JUNIPER BERRIES in wine for one month and then drink a tea-spoonful every day to Increase Virility and Strengthen Nature. Women likewise tell us that they soak the JUNIPER BERRIES in distilled vinegar for a month, dilute with warm water and use this as a vaginal douche, which has the popular name "Hot Mama Douche" and is claimed to make a man Eager to Love. Folks also say that if you add the wine or vinegar soaked berries to your bath it will make them want you more.

Witch Magic and Herbs The mature berries can be strung in the house to attract love. Men use the berries to increase potency. Burn Juniper as incense for: Exorcism; Protection; Healing; Love. The Essential oil is useful in protection, purification and healing blends. DO NOT TAKE IF PREGNANT OR SUFFERING FROM KIDNEY DISEASE

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