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Kunzite Bead Bracelet

Kunzite Bead Bracelet

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Kunzites loving energies supports the health of your physical heart as well as your general health. With this stone in hand, imagine love vibrating in every cell, bone and muscle in your physical body. This practice amplifies the level of healing for yourself and others. Kunzite helps relieve stress related diseases. Kunzite is an excellent support for healing any physical blockage or obstruction, It eases stress and supports the parasympathetic nervous system.

Kunzite helps you attract healthy romantic relationships as well as supportive loving friendships and good business colleagues. It encourages kindness, compassion and tolerance. Kunzite relieves stress and worry and helps relieve depression and anxiety. Use kunzite when you need to discover how to nurture yourself. This is the perfect stone to help you realise how you want to be loved and how to nurture yourself. When you learn these two things, you begin to attract others who will love you the way you deserve to be loved. Kunzite assists you in releasing resistance to life, and helps you to become more receptive to experience love and energy.

Kunzite helps you maintain your focus and attention on your heart chakra and love. Use this stone to imagine that all that you are, all that you do and all you attract is love. Kunzite emanates love and wellbeing, so use it to telepathically transmit loving thoughts to people, places and things to make the world a better place. This is the perfect stone to use in circumstances where discordant words and thoughts, transforming and translating them into harmonious interactions.

Kunzite is a reminder that love is the answer to all. Use this stone to radiate love in a wide circumference around your being. With the heart chakra being the centre of your consciousness, love is who your truly are. This stone is useful in your meditation practice for expanding your sphere of love. Kunzite connects you to the energy of Divine Love which underlies all creation.
Source - Healingcrystals

How to Cleanse Elastic band Crystal & Stone Bracelets.

  1. You can submerge the bracelet in to sea salt water for 5 Minutes and then remove or you can just fill the bowl with Sea Salt and Keep the Crystal Bracelets on it. 
  2. Leave it under Moonlight on full moon or any phase of moon overnight,
  3. Take the crystals inside before sulight hit directly to the crystals.
  4. For the detail information on how to Cleanse & Charge crystals follow the following link

Do's & Don't with the Crystal & Stones Bracelet

  1. Since they have elastic band base don't leave it inside water for long or the elastic will start getting loose or may eventually can break.
  2. Always remove your Crystal Bracelets before going to shower.


Candles,Herbs,Crystals and essential oils are solely energy work and should not be completely substituted with conventional medicines and medical methods and it is advised to consult doctor if you have serious health issues

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