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Leaf Carved Mini Cauldron with Lid

Leaf Carved Mini Cauldron with Lid

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Cauldron meaning - Cauldron not just only symbolise goddess but it also symbolise womb, earth, healing, tranformation and abundance

  • Metal 
  • Height - 3.5 Inches approx
  • Dia - 3 Inches approx
  • Use - You may place the crystals or any other other items that needs to smudge cleanse over the lid

Cauldron use in general below

  • Use - Can be used to burn incense on charcoal (put some salt or sand before placing charcoal in the cauldron ) Used in divination, burn bay leaves in it , burn petition etc
  • Cauldron can be used to make herb blends, simply add desired herbs and massage it with your fingers in the cauldron while speaking to the herb spirit to invoke their powers
  • You may light the candle by placing it in cauldron (when doing shadow working or healing work or creating something new , can be used in new beginning rituals)
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