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Pyrite Cluster - 70 Gm

Pyrite Cluster - 70 Gm

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Importantly, these stones are natural and thus slight variations, such as imperfections and scratches, are typical. Each stone is distinct and may differ from the next.
  • Item - Natural Crystal
  • Crystal type - Cluster
  • Weight - 70 gm approx
  • Origin - Peru.

Pyrite - The Fool's Gold also known as Iron Pyrite. It is associated with element FIRE and mainly used in work related wealth,Money,Luck & Divination
Pyrite is sometimes associates with real good because of its shimmery and shining nature. Pyrite can be used in many rituals and mojo bag. You can simply carry the little stone after charging it with your intention with you to attract money, wealth and luck

*Due to the possibility of variations in color display across various screens such as computers, tablets, laptops and mobile phones, the product's appearance may appear slightly different.

  • DisclaimerThese crystals are a powerful source of energy, and when used in conjunction with candles, herbs, and essential oils they may provide health benefits. However, they should not be completely substituted with conventional medicines, and medical advice should be sought for serious health issues
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