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Raw Stones Set of 9

Raw Stones Set of 9

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These are all in raw form i decided to get them in a bit smaller pieces so i can create a combo for you guys who really connenct with the energy of Raw stones only. Use These Crystal and Stones in your meditation, your Ritual, Spells etc.

The Set contains - 09 Pcs of Raw Stone and Crystal, following are the names

  1. Green Aventurine
  2. Clear Quartz
  3. Raw Rose Quartz
  4. Rainbow Moonstone
  5. Amethyst
  6. Lapiz LAzuli
  7. Black Tourmolinr
  8. Tiger Eye
  9. Red Jasper 


Candles,Herbs,Crystals and essential oils are solely energy work and should not be completely substituted with conventional medicines and it is advised to consult doctor if you have serious health issues.

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