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Rose Quartz Oxidised Pendant | Stone to attract Love & Self love

Rose Quartz Oxidised Pendant | Stone to attract Love & Self love

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Rose Quartz, a gentle and soothing crystal, is revered for its myriad metaphysical benefits that extend into various aspects of well-being. Primarily known as the stone of love, Rose Quartz emanates a tender energy that nurtures and opens the heart chakra, fostering love, compassion, and self-acceptance. Its calming influence is believed to alleviate emotional stress, anxiety, and tension, promoting inner peace and harmony. Rose Quartz is a powerful aid in attracting and enhancing romantic love, as well as deepening connections in existing relationships. Beyond matters of the heart, this crystal is associated with promoting forgiveness, healing emotional wounds, and restoring trust. As a gentle yet potent energy amplifier, Rose Quartz encourages self-love and self-care, enhancing one's sense of worthiness and confidence. Placing Rose Quartz in living spaces can infuse an environment with a warm and loving energy, creating a serene sanctuary. Overall, Rose Quartz is a versatile and nurturing crystal that resonates with the essence of love, making it a cherished companion on the journey to emotional well-being and harmonious relationships.

Cleansing your crystal Jewellery

Cleaning elastic band crystal and stone bracelets requires a gentle approach to avoid damaging the elastic. Submerge the bracelet in sea salt water for a brief 5-minute period, or place it on a bed of sea salt in a bowl. Allow the bracelets to bask under the moonlight, ensuring retrieval before direct sunlight exposure. For detailed information on cleansing and charging crystals, refer to the following link:

When handling crystal and stone bracelets with elastic bands, it's essential to consider a few do's and don'ts. Due to the elastic base, avoid prolonged submersion in water to prevent the elastic from loosening or breaking. Always remove your crystal bracelets before showering.

Disclaimer: While crystals offer energy benefits, their use should complement, not replace, conventional medicines. For serious health concerns, it is advisable to seek medical advice rather than solely relying on crystals, especially when used alongside candles, herbs, and essential oils

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