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Sage stick with added Jasmine flowers | 5 Inches approx

Sage stick with added Jasmine flowers | 5 Inches approx

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This 5-inch Sage stick is enhanced with real Jasmine flowers for a calming aroma. Enjoy its cleansing properties and potential benefits of relaxation and improved mood. Perfect for smudging or aromatherapy.

Sage - This sacred herb is prized for its purifying qualities, capable of dispelling negative energies and cleansing spaces of psychic impurities. It serves as a powerful tool for spiritual protection, creating a shield against malevolent forces and promoting harmony within the self and the environment. Sage is also valued for its ability to enhance intuition and psychic awareness, facilitating deeper spiritual connections and meditation practices.

Jasmine - Associated with love, sensuality, and emotional healing, jasmine is often used in rituals to evoke feelings of passion, romance, and spiritual connection. It is believed to attract positive energy and enhance spiritual awareness, facilitating deeper meditation and inner peace.


Candles,Herbs,Crystals and essential oils are solely energy work and should not be completely substituted with conventional medicines and medical methods and it is advised to consult doctor if you have serious health issue

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