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Selenite Crystals in Wooden Frame | Altarware | Altar Decor

Selenite Crystals in Wooden Frame | Altarware | Altar Decor

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  • Size - 8 X 8 Inches approx

Discover the natural beauty and benefits of Selenite Crystals with our Wooden Frame Altarware. These crystals are perfect for both office spaces and homes. Enhance your decor and bring positive energy into your space with these versatile altar decorations.

Selenite helps in reaching higher planes , Helps you connect to your Higher Self, It also helps in activating Third Eye & Crown Chakra.

Selenite itself is a very pure stone hence it absorbs all negativity in surrounding easily & eject it upwards. Selenite even can Cleanse & Charge your Other Crystals and Stones if kept together with it.

Selenite is a Crystal of Higher Grounding. It is very calming stone and helps you in your spiritual working, It also assist Judgement & Insight, It forces one to be truthful and honest with themselves.

Disclaimer: While crystals offer energy benefits, their use should complement, not replace, conventional medicines. For serious health concerns, it is advisable to seek medical advice rather than solely relying on crystals, especially when used alongside candles, herbs, and essential oils

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