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Selenite XXL Tower (Satin Spar Selenite) - 1094 Gm | Stone for Spiritual work & Cleansing

Selenite XXL Tower (Satin Spar Selenite) - 1094 Gm | Stone for Spiritual work & Cleansing

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You will receive exact same piece shown in the picture above

Important - These Stones are natural hence littlle imperfection & scratch are normal, each stone is unique and they can be little different than the other

This Selenite XXL Tower (Satin Spar Selenite) features a four-facet design and stands at a height of 10 inches, weighing approximately 1094 Gm and 4 facet ( 2 Inches base approx)

Selenite helps in reaching higher planes , Helps you connect to your Higher Self, It also helps in activating Third Eye & Crown Chakra.

Selenite itself is a very pure stone hence it absorbs all negativity in surrounding easily & eject it upwards. Selenite even can Cleanse & Charge your Other Crystals and Stones if kept together with it.

Selenite is a Crystal of Higher Grounding. It is very calming stone and helps you in your spiritual working, It also assist Judgement & Insight, It forces one to be truthful and honest with themselves.

Once you receive you new Selenite, I would recommend you to do a little cleansing on crystal like all other crystal.Since Selenite can dissolve if soaked in water for cleansing , You can try rinse it under tap water for few seconds and pat it dry to clean it physically as you never know what impurities it might get with all packaging stuff, for spiritually cleansing you can keep Selenite under Moon Light over Night.

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