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Set of 7 Raw Stones | Crystal Healing | Meditation

Set of 7 Raw Stones | Crystal Healing | Meditation

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Importantly, these stones are natural and thus slight variations, such as imperfections and scratches, are typical. Each stone is distinct and may differ from the next.

  • Item - Natural Crystal
  • Crystal type - Raw 
  • Quantity - Listing is for 1 set of 7 raw stones
  1. Dalmatian Jasper - Dalmatian Jasper is known for grounding and emotional balance, encouraging joy and providing protection against negativity
  2.  Lapis Lazuli -  Lapis Lazuli enhances wisdom, truth-seeking, and communication, supporting spiritual growth and psychic abilities.
  3. Starwberry Quartz - Strawberry Quartz promotes love, compassion, and emotional healing, while enhancing happiness and gratitude.
  4. Sunstone - Sunstone boosts confidence, personal power, and vitality, promoting positivity and enthusiasm.
  5. Kyanite - Kyanite aligns and clears chakras, aiding in communication and spiritual insight
  6. Yellow Aventurine - Yellow Aventurine enhances optimism and manifestation, bringing clarity and creativity.
  7. Black Tourmaline - Black Tourmaline provides strong protection, grounding, and the dispelling of negative energies.


Candles,Herbs,Crystals and essential oils are solely energy work and should not be completely substituted with conventional medicines and medical methods and it is advised to consult doctor if you have serious health issues


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