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Tektite fine Silver Ring | Telepathic abilities

Tektite fine Silver Ring | Telepathic abilities

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Importantly, these stones are natural and thus slight variations, such as imperfections and scratches, are typical. Each stone is distinct and may differ from the next.
  • Item - Natural Crystal
  • Crystal type - Jewellery
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Tektite helps heal old injuries. While holding this stone, make an intention to release the memories stored in old physical injuries - scars that hold the energy of what was happening at that time in your life when the injury occurred.
Tektites can be used to help the body integrate high-frequency energies.

Tektite gives you and objective perspective on your emotional reactions to life circumstances. With this stone in hand, emotional charges dissipate, and attachments or expectations drop away. Use this stone to help you remove expectations you have of others. If you release your expectations, you will not be disappointed.
Tektite has an empowering effect on most people, rapidly expanding the aura and 'throwing off' energetic debris, leading to a more responsive, free-flowing energetic body.

Tektite is useful when you are trying to understand metaphysical concepts. It opens you up to otherworldly thinking and possibilities, allowing you to see things from an entirely new perspective. This is the tektite that will help you realise you can create a wrinkle in your reality by choosing to look at things differently, thereby changing your situation. This stone opens you up to thinking outside your personal universe.

Tektite activates telepathic abilities. Used during meditation, this stone opens the third eye chakra. It increases intuition as well as the ability to foretell potential realities concerning a situation. This is a good stone for channeling information from other realms. Tektite helps you fuel your way to new spiritual understanding. It ignites the unlimited potential of your spiritual growth into dimensions not yet explored.
Tektite assists in expanding your awareness and consciousness beyond the Earth and into the stars. They are powerful psychic travel tools, helping you move beyond the limitations of time and space to experience different realms and other worlds. Their ability to help the physical body integrate high-frequency energy is vital to humanity's evolution at this time

Cleansing your crystal Jewellery

Cleaning elastic band crystal and stone bracelets requires a gentle approach to avoid damaging the elastic. Submerge the bracelet in sea salt water for a brief 5-minute period, or place it on a bed of sea salt in a bowl. Allow the bracelets to bask under the moonlight, ensuring retrieval before direct sunlight exposure. For detailed information on cleansing and charging crystals, refer to the following link:

When handling crystal and stone bracelets with elastic bands, it's essential to consider a few do's and don'ts. Due to the elastic base, avoid prolonged submersion in water to prevent the elastic from loosening or breaking. Always remove your crystal bracelets before showering.

Disclaimer: While crystals offer energy benefits, their use should complement, not replace, conventional medicines. For serious health concerns, it is advisable to seek medical advice rather than solely relying on crystals, especially when used alongside candles, herbs, and essential oils

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