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The Triquetra / Trinity Knot | Altar Tile

The Triquetra / Trinity Knot | Altar Tile

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 The Triquetra / Trinity Knot | Altar Tile - Aluminium

Altar Tiles are good when you are travelling and want a portable sacred space. It can also used for Incense Stick Holder and a gread addition to your Sacred Space & Wiccan tools

There is no definitive Celtic symbol for family, but there are several ancient Celtic knots that represent the meanings of eternal love, strength and family unity.

The Triquetra is thought to be the oldest symbol of spirituality. It is depicted in the 9th century Book of Kells and also appears in Norwegian stave churches from the 11th century. 

The elaborate Triquetra, also known as the Trinity Knotr Celtic Triangle, is one of the most beautiful Celtic symbols and it shows a circle interwoven with a continuous three-pointed symbol

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