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Thistle - 50 Gm

Thistle - 50 Gm

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Folk Names: Lady's Thisde, Thrissles

Gender: Masculine Planet: Mars Element: Fire

Deities: Thor, Minerva

Powers: Strength, Protection, Healing, Exorcism, Hex-Breaking

Magical Uses: A bowl of thistles placed in a room strengthens the spirits and

renews the vitality of all within it. Carry a thistle (or part of a thistle) for energy and strength.

Grown in the garden, thistles ward off thieves; grown in a pot and on the door• step they protect against evil. A thistle blossom carried in the pocket guards its bearer. Thrown onto a fire, thistles deflect lightning away from the house.

If you have had a spell  cast  against you, wear a shirt made of fibers spun and

woven from the thistle to break it and any other spells. Stuff hex-breaking poppets with thistles. Thistles are strewn in homes and other buildings to exorcise evil.

Thistles are also used in healing spells, and when men carry it they become better lovers. Thistles also drive out melancholy when worn or carried.

Wizards in England used to select the tallest thistle in the patch to use as a magi• cal wand or walking stick. To call spirits, place some thistle in boiling water. Remove from heat and lie or sit beside it. As  the steam rises call the spirits and listen care• fully; they may answer your questions.

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