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Tree of Life Symbol Aluminium Tile

Tree of Life Symbol Aluminium Tile

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Tree of Life Symbol Aluminium Tile and can be used as Incense Stick Holder

Altar Tiles are good when you are travelling and want a portable sacred space. It can also used for Incense Stick Holder and a gread addition to your Sacred Space & Wiccan tools

While the branches reach for the sky, the roots permeate the earth. For the ancient Celts, the Tree of Life symbolizes balance and harmony. Spin this symmetric Celtic symbol 180 degrees and its appearance remains the same.

Known in Irish as ‘Crann Bethadh’, this Celtic symbol represents the belief of the close association between heaven and earth.

The Celts believed that the trees were the spirits of their ancestors, providing a link between their earthly life and the next.

The Celtic Tree of Life symbol represents strength, longevity and wisdom, all of which were attributes that the Celts revered.

They also believed that the tree symbolized rebirth (they would have witnessed it shed its leaves in fall and grow new ones in spring).

The Celtic tree of life symbol also clearly shows the link between every root below the ground and every branch above.

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