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Valerian Dried 1 Oz

Valerian Dried 1 Oz

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Valerian Dried 50 Gm


(Valeriana officinalis) 

We must urge against driving while under the effects of Valerian taken internally.

Folk Names: All-Heal, Amantilla, Bloody Butcher, Capons Trailer, Cat's Valerian, English Valerian, Fragrant Valerian, Garden Heliotrope, Phu, Red Valerian, St. George's Herb, Sete Wale, Set Well, Vandal Root

Gender: Feminine Planet: Venus Element: Water

Powers: Love, Sleep, Purification, Protection

Magical Uses: The rather ill-smelling root, powdered, is used in  protective sachets, hung in the home to guard it against light• ning, and placed in pillows to aid in falling asleep. A sprig of the plant pinned to a woman's clothing will cause men to "fol• low her like children." Valerian root is also added to love sachets. If a couple is quar• reling introduce some of this herb into the area and all will soon be calm.

The Greeks hung a sprig of valerian under a window to charm away evil.

Valerian root, powdered, is sometimes used as "graveyard dust.

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