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Wall Hanging | Altarware & Room Decor

Wall Hanging | Altarware & Room Decor

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Wall Hanging | Altarware & Room Decor

  • Highlight of this wallhanging is thi selenite charm is associated with crown chakra 

    Selenite helps in reaching higher planes , Helps you connect to your Higher Self, It also helps in activating Third Eye & Crown Chakra.

    Selenite itself is a very pure stone hence it absorbs all negativity in surrounding easily & eject it upwards. Selenite even can Cleanse & Charge your Other Crystals and Stones if kept together with it.

    Selenite is a Crystal of Higher Grounding. It is very calming stone and helps you in your spiritual working, It also assist Judgement & Insight, It forces one to be truthful and honest with themselves.

  • Height - 28 Cm
  • Width - 16 cm
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