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Zeolite Mineral- 29 Gm | Helps with Quit Addiction & Promotes Joy

Zeolite Mineral- 29 Gm | Helps with Quit Addiction & Promotes Joy

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Importantly, these stones are natural and thus slight variations, such as imperfections and scratches, are typical. Each stone is distinct and may differ from the next.
  • Weight - 29 Gm approx
  • Item - Natural Crystal
  • Crystal type - Mineral Cluster
  • Quantity - Listing is for 1 quantity.

Zeolites are a fascinating group of rock-forming minerals that are beloved by collectors, as they can form exceptional crystals and aggregates. Often lacking durability or distinctive beauty, they rarely appear as finished gemstones.

Zeolites are known to detoxify the body and drain out all the negativity from your mind, body, and soul. Zeolite healing crystals are amazing at releasing toxins that also include toxins of drugs and alcohol. Therefore, it is also used by people seeking to quit such addictions.

Zeolites are commonly used in Reiki healing. Zeolites are said to exude a soothing, peaceful energy due to their strong water energy, however their volcanic history also means that they are believed to also contain contrasting fire energy, which can provide one with boosts of joy, passion, and motivation


  • These crystals are a powerful source of energy, and when used in conjunction with candles, herbs, and essential oils they may provide health benefits. However, they should not be completely substituted with conventional medicines, and medical advice should be sought for serious health issues

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